Bible Lessons for Adults

Anxiety & Depression: Finding Hope With Michelle Williams

 In this exclusive 3-day devotional Plan, Michelle inspires you with three pillars of biblical truth that helped lift her out of that anxiety and depression — into the abiding faith, hope, and joy that she enjoys today.

How Joyful People Think

Waiting for test results from the doctor. Hearing your company is about to downsize. Getting a call from your child’s school. What makes the difference in how we respond to uncertain or challenging circumstances? I believe that finding peace is more than “thinking positively” that everything will work out. True peace and contentment comes from focusing our thoughts on the fact that no matter what, God is with us—and his truth never changes.

Anxiety About Money

If you worry about money but feel powerless against anxiety, this plan is for you. Each day offers concrete steps from the Bible that lessen the grip of financial anxiety.

Overcome Adversity At Work

We will all face adversity at work. How we handle adversity makes a big difference in the outcomes for our work and our relationships. This plan will help you find peace so you can face the uncertainty that comes with challenging circumstances with poise and wisdom.