Gospel Sing Sunday, Jan 27th

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                 The Journeys

The Journeys are a Gospel singing group who travel and share their testimonies about raising a child with Autism.

Donna, has traveled and sung with her family and other groups most of her life. She and Greg were married in 1991 and 3 years later God blessed them with a son, Ben. At the early age of 2 1/2 , Ben was diagnosed with Autism. They were devastated by the diagnosis and were told by doctors that Ben would not be able to communicate with them and would have a difficult time socializing and communicating with others.

As Ben grew they both noticed that Ben was fascinated with music and any type of musical instrument. They fostered that interest by getting Ben instruments to play. Donna plays piano and showed Ben chords on the piano and noticed Ben putting chords together and playing along as she sang with him. The Journeys continued to pray and seek God’s will for Ben’s life. The “journey” has been a long and challenging one but God has blessed us and blessed Ben with amazing skills to not only play piano and keyboard for the group but also guitar, electric guitar, and he is learning to play banjo.

Ben is amazing and we are so proud of him and the miracles God has done in his life. We have been traveling and sharing our music and testimonies for 3 years and have been amazed at the blessings God has given us. Recently, in March of 2017 our song “Mercy On Me” was # 62 on The Singing News Gospel music chart. We have also had songs to chart on the SGN Scoops Gospel Chart.

We look forward to seeing where God sends us in the future and pray He opens many doors for us to share our story about raising a child with Autism. Without Christ there is NO hope but with Christ the possibilities are endless!

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