The Spiritual Roots of Addiction

Seth Haines was living an enviable life. A successful lawyer, family man, and elder in his church, Haines seemed to have it all. But when one of his children fell ill, he started to drink a little to numb the pain. Then he started drinking a lot. Soon his habit spiraled into a full-blown addiction. His new book, Coming Clean, is a raw account of his first 90 days of sobriety. Haines talked to us about his journey and the central role that confession and community play in finding freedom from addiction.

How to Help Someone Who Has an Addiction

Helping a friend or family member who has an addiction can be difficult. Here are a few helpful things to do and hurtful things to avoid.

How can I overcome an addiction?

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, the good news is that God has a very clear solution. Although it isn’t easy, it is very effective. Here are three steps to help you overcome an addiction:

The Psychology Behind Addiction From a Christian Counselor’s Perspective

Addiction means to be out of control. A compulsion has taken over your life. You are powerless to stop. However, because of stigmas associated with addiction, you think you could quit if you were a stronger, more righteous person. This is not true.

One Unusual, But Effective, Chemical Dependency Treatment Approach

Recovery looks different for everyone, so all the online help and suggestions can only get you so far. Start by connecting with a therapist who can help you to create a roadmap to your own recovery. Just by taking the baby step of picking up the phone and calling, you are setting into motion changes that can provide a lasting impact on your life. Don’t hesitate or delay achieving your potential any longer!